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Educational Focus

This book is a compilation of ELEVATOR WORLD articles that ran in our Educational Focus Series and have been developed by some of the elevator industry's most highly respected field technicians and leading technical educators. The authors have presented detailed explanations of how to install, maintain, inspect and troubleshoot equipment. Also included are articles on testing equipment and elevator monitoring and management systems. Step-by-step instructions and procedures are provided, along with explanations of how the equipment is designed to operate and how to be sure that it continues to perform as it was intended and in a safe and efficient manner. Directed toward the needs of service technicians and construction adjusters who install, adjust and maintain elevator and escalator systems.

CIBSE Guide D: Transportation Systems in Buildings

This new book is very comprehensive and provides guidance in covering the whole spectrum of interior circulation, planning and design, selection of lift equipment and performance, computer programs, types of systems, legislation, fire and safety, requirements for the disabled, lift components and installation, drives and controls, lift traffic control, escalators and moving walks (passenger conveyors), electrical systems and environmental conditions. Guide D should be of interest to architects and surveyors, and also facilities and building managers who may not be directly concerned with the design and installation of lifts and escalators but need to understand the advice offered to them by specialists.

Installation Manual

Over 500 pages in this volume are devoted to the actual practice of installing elevators, both hydraulic and traction, as well as escalators. The book is brimming with photos of actual field installation procedures and a multitude of diagrams. Although published for quite some time, the information continues to be timely and valuable. The manual includes a brief history of elevators, lessons in layout drawing and reading, and describes the installation process for a traction elevator from the pit through the hoist way and into the overhead machine room. Step-by-step descriptions are included for hydraulic elevators and escalators.

Vertical Transportation Technology Review, Volumes 1 & 2

These 2 volumes contain dissertations from the U.K.'s University College Northampton's Masters in Lift Engineering program. Some topics are The Future of the Lift Maintenance Business, The Effect of Building Sway on Lift Ropes and Cables, Lift Car Ventilation and Passenger Wellbeing, Elevator Power Consumption: A Model for Office Buildings and Lifts for Differently-Abled People. Can be purchased separately.

ELEVATOR WORLD Technical Library on CD-Rom

This fully searchable CD-ROM contains over 2,700 pages of technical articles published in Elevator World Magazine from 1953-2006 categorized by subject. Some topics include: codes and standards/safety, controller lessons and diagrams, data acquisition/monitoring, earthquakes, fires and natural disasters, energy, power and building interface, escalators and moving walks, modernization and maintenance and repair.

Elevator Traffic Handbook Theory and Practice

The movement of people by natural and mechanical means needs to be carefully planned: an under provision is costly or impossible to correct and an over provision is a waste of financial resources. This book deals with this subject in four sections. The basic principles of circulation and an introduction to lifts are set out at the beginning, and then traffic design methods are outlined, followed by an examination of control and analysis. The sections are complete in themselves with worked examples and case studies as appropriate. The latest analysis techniques are set out, and the book is up-to-date with current technology. The mathematics is simplified whenever possible and copious references are given for further study and examples.

Electrical Engineering Pocket Handbook

This booklet was produced by the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA). This engineering reference guide contains tables, charts and motor data carefully selected for everyday use.

Elevator Electric Drives

This book should be of interest to anyone in the elevator industry concerned with the application, design and maintenance of modern electric hoisting machines. The technical information, in general, is universal and can be applied to any of the new solid state AC motors.

Emergency Evacuation: Elevator Systems Guideline

The guide includes key issues that design teams should consider in the development of emergency evacuation for tall structures, using three generic types of evacuation -- total, staged and fractional. Three design approaches to emergency evacuation elevator systems -- standard, enhanced and protected. Necessary tool for evacuation systems training.

Elevator Technology 17

This book contains over 40 written contributions of presentations made at Elevcon Thessaloniki, the 17th International Congress on Vertical Transportation Technologies. Some topics include use of lifts in an emergency, methods for improving escalators, design and control of electronic elevator valves, using simulation for lift system design, modeling of elevators as driving systems, stresses on guide rails and safety gears, stress detection on rail anchors and automated web-based ordering systems for lift.

New Materials & New Technologies Applied to Elevators

Antonio Miravete, a leading researcher in Transportation Engineering, explores the most significant changes and developments in materials and technologies as applied to elevators and escalators. This comprehensive publication provides a solid discussion of new materials and technologies through the use of text, illustrations, photographs, diagrams and formulas. It is a must for companies and individuals looking to the future of elevator and escalator design, manufacturing and function.

The Vertical Transportation Handbook

Called the "Bible of the Elevator Industry", this guide is valuable for both the practitioner and the uninitiated person who is faced with understanding and making decisions about the application of elevators and escalators. The book is designed so that the entire basis of elevator and escalator application is outlined, including the application process, construction, operation, maintenance, problem solving and unique applications.